New York County Independence Party Chairman

Michael  Zumbluskas

"Leadership for Practicality, Not Ideology"

New York State Senate, 28th District 

Meet Mike 

Michael K. Zumbluskas, has been a leader in the independent politics movement in New York State and nationwide for almost 20 years. He is committed to “practical government that works for all” and reform of the electoral system.

Mike was born on Long Island in 1960. His father was a career USAF noncommissioned officer who served in Vietnam. Mike spent his early years moving from base to base, and school to school. He graduated from American High School in Aviano, Italy. 

Working his way through the University of Scranton, Mike obtained a BA in History in 1983. He served in the U.S. Army (1984-87) at Fort Bliss, Texas and in West Germany as a supply specialist in a unit charged with transporting fuel to tanks and helicopters during maneuvers or in case of war. “You learned to get it right
the first time,” he recalls, “or at least to learn from your mistakes very, very fast.”

Mike moved to New York City after his army years and worked in a mutual fund’s accounting department. He began his political career in 1992 as a volunteer coordinator on H. Ross Perot’s presidential campaign, and served thereafter on the state board of United We Stand America. In 1995, Mike helped to found the Independence Party of New York State, serving as the vice-chair of its Manhattan chapter from 1998 to 2000.

The Independence Party participated in forming the Reform Party USA in Kansas City in 1997, with Mike as one of its delegates. In 1999, he ran for the Reform Party vice-chairmanship to prevent the notorious anti-Semite Lenora Fulani from gaining the position. Although he failed to win, he did succeed in blocking Fulani. And he attracted the attention of The New York Times, which named him as one of the Reform movement’s “more serious strategists.”

In 2000, Mike was named co-chair of the Reform Party national
convention, but was removed by supporters of  Patrick Buchanan when it became clear Mike wouldn’t “get with the program.” He asked friends to nominate him from the floor as the party’s candidate for Vice President of the United States, so he
could make a speech from the podium denouncing how the party had shifted away from its founding principles. 

During the early and middle 2000s, Mike played a leading role in
resisting the plans of Fulani and her extremist cult to dominate the New York Independence Party. In 2005, Mike was elected to the IP’s state executive committee after the removal of Fulani and her team from the state leadership on grounds that their totalitarian views were incompatible with those of the party.  Mike continues as a state executive committee member today, while also serving as the party’s chief organizer and candidate screening committee chairman for New York City. 

Mike has also remained active in the national Reform movement. In
October of 2007 he was elected treasurer of the Independence Party of America. In early 2008, the Independence Party re-affiliated with the Reform Party USA and Mike was elected to the Reform Party National Committee, serving as chairman of the party’s 2008 national convention at which John McCain was nominated as Reform’s presidential candidate. From March 2008 until Jan
2010, Mike served as chairman of the Reform Party’s legal committee.

Over the past 23 years, Mike has led voter registration and party
enrollment drives throughout New York State. He has also worked as a paid or volunteer campaign advisor for numerous Independent, Republican and Democratic candidates, and has appeared on network television and cable access shows as a commentator and studio panelist on electoral reform and grassroots activism. 

Mike currently works as a Resource Management Analyst with the
New York City Department of Transportation.