New York County Independence Party Chairman

Michael  Zumbluskas

"Leadership for Practicality, Not Ideology"

New York State Senate, 28th District 

You are cordially invited to a fundraiser to support the State Senate Campaign of

Michael Zumbluskas

 Wednesday, August 27 th, 2014

from 7 pm to 9 pm at the

Metropolitan Republican Club, 122 East 83 rd Street    

 Minimum: $50 Contribution, make checks payable to Zumbluskas 2014

or Donate online at

Our school systems are failing, small businesses are being crushed by regulations and taxes, housing prices in New York City and the surrounding counties have spiked while incomes have declined; upstate New York’s economic conditions are deplorable and political corruption seems to be the norm and not the exception. New York State needs leaders that will tackle these and other tough problems that have plagued our great state for decades. That’s why Mike’s no-­‐nonsense, post-­‐partisan and centrist approach to solving some of the problems currently plaguing New York State and especially its 28th Senate District needs your support to end ideological politics for a more practical government.

With a projected state budget shortfall along with New York being ranked last in business friendly states and elected officials towing the line of their party bosses, it is crucial that we elect a new wave of reform-­‐minded candidates to help set right our blatantly dysfunctional state government. In the 28th SD, that means supporting Mike; we strongly urge you to donate to his campaign, help out as a volunteer, and vote for him on November 4th.

Unlike his opponent, who votes the party line over 90% of the time; Mike is not concerned about appeasing party hierarchies. Mike stands for transparent, small, efficient government and aims to break the gridlock in Albany by reaching across the aisle to find common sense solutions to our state’s and district’s problems. Mike firmly believes that party allegiance and the advancement of self should not take precedence over the needs of the people of New York State.

With your help, Mike and other reformers can finally begin to redirect Albany’s attention onto what really matters: growing the state’s economy (not its budget deficits) and dislodging the tyranny of special interests.

Zumbluskas 2014

122 East 83rd Street

New York NY 10028


Michael  Zumbluskas


Republican & Independence Party

Candidate Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser


Michael Zumbluskas For New York State Senate  District 28 – Manhattan’s Upper Eastside


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

6:30 to 9:00 pm 


$75 Suggested Minimum Contribution

($50 for YP/YR’s) 

Checks payable to “Zumbluskas2014”


Metropolitan Republican Club

122 East 83rd Street (at Lexington Avenue)

New York, NY 10028


RSVP at or call (917) 593-9950